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But How? You Ask – Here’s How!

At Wired Coyote Website Design Warrington, we’ve been designing websites for over 20 years, long enough to know what makes a good one and, just as importantly, what makes a bad one. With great website design and a great attitude, we really will make your bit of the internet that much better!

Working with you every step of the way, we’ll make sure your Wired Coyote designed website reflects your business and everything it stands for. Whether it’s a simple one page site or an e-commerce site with thousands of products, you can be confident that the website we deliver will be just what you – and your customers – want.

It’s true that everybody can have a website these days, which is why yours needs to stand out. A website designed and built by Wired Coyote will do just that. But it isn’t just about looking good, a website also needs to be highly functional and easy for your visitors to get around. If they get lost the first time, it’s unlikely they’ll come back. We specialise in Style and Substance, all designed to keep your visitors coming back.

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So How Does All The Magic Happen?

Once you have decided the concept of website you’d like, the first step is to establish both what type of content will be included, and how you’d like us here at Wired Coyote Website Design Warrington to present it. We have e-mail, phone and Skype options for you, and the actual design process won’t start until you’re happy with the brief you’ve given us, and we’re happy that we fully understand exactly what you want. It’s in nobody’s interest for us to spend time designing a website you didn’t ask for, so this first step is crucial.

Then, when we’re confident we know what it is you’re looking for, we’ll set about designing the outline of your new website. This only takes a few days, and is a further step towards making sure you’re happy with what we’re doing. After you have confirmed that the design is correct, we’ll go ahead and add the features and capabilities you will see in the finished Wired Coyote Website Design Warrington designed website.

Depending on the complexity of the site, the entire design and building process takes between a week for a single page or simple multi-page website to between and 2-3 months for a site with lots of pages and a large store with a few hundred products. We’ll give you some idea of how long it might take in the initial discussion, and will keep you informed every step of the way on how your new site is progressing.

Wired Coyote Website Design Warrington – Making Your Bit of the Internet That Much Better

The Magic Hat of Web Design

Our Services


The days when having a website was optional are long gone. With the gap between the High Street and Internet spending closing every day, a well designed website has become a necessity if you want to keep up with your competitors. Customers, too, look more and more to the Internet for information, goods and services than every before.

A Wired Coyote Wedb Design Warrington designed website will help you to stand out from the crowd, bringing not just great design, but functionality that will appeal to your visitors and keep them coming back. Whether it’s a single page blog or a website that spans dozens of pages, we will deliver a website that you can be proud of.

Once you have your finished website online, that doesn’t mean we’ll just walk away and leave you on your own. We offer 1 month of free support including full training in how to add or edit content, and how to get the most of your website.

A great website is a living thing, and we’ll make sure it goes on to have a happy and productive life!

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How many times have you found something you want to buy, only to find that the website you’re on won’t actually let you?

It happens more often than you think. With a Wired Coyote Website Design Warrington designed E-commerce website, you can be sure that both new and established customers will have an experience that keeps them coming back time and time again. We’ll make sure your products or services are presented perfectly, showing them at their very best and offering maximum appeal to visitors to your E-commerce website.

As well as making sure your new E-commerce website looks great, we’ll also provide 1 month of free support, which will include full training on how to edit or add new content or products.

We offer processing capability for all the top payment gateways including PayPal, AmazonPayments, Sage, Authorize, 2Checkout, Nochex and many more, making sure your customers don’t need to look elsewhere to use their preferred payment method.

From £599


Ever wonder why, when you use Google, Bing or any other search engine, some sites always appear at the top of the search results? It’s not just good luck, it’s good management.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital if you want your website to appear on the first page of any search results. We offer a comprehensive review of your current site, with action and recommendations on how you can improve your search engine ranking.

We won’t promise you’ll hit number one overnight, as SEO just isn’t that simple. It’s that lack of simplicity that means not only do most website owners not even consider spending time on it, but those that do reap the benefits to the detriment of their competitors.

Great SEO means putting the effort in today in order to see tangible results tomorrow. We ‘ll start by improving your current SEO and by providing a comprehensive, easy to understand plan for you going forward, in order that you maximise your exposure to search engine crawlers.

The success of your website is just as important for us at Wired Coyote Website Design Warrington as it is for you. Indeed, our reputation depends on it.

From £199


It’s no secret that a good logo is worth a thousand words. Who, for example, doesn’t know what a pair of big golden arches represents? Or a piece of fruit with a bite out of it?

Whether it’s a literal visualisation of your brand, or something more abstract, we can provide you with a logo that will say everything it needs to say about your company.

We’ll supply 5 initial and very distinct concepts, in line with the brief we get from you, any (or all) of which can have unlimited revisions until you’re absolutely happy with the finished design.

Whatever that finished logo design is, we’ll supply in multiple formats, so you can be sure there will be no limits on its application. We also don’t retain any copyright to the finished logo design. Once it’s delivered, full rights of ownership come with it.

All this can take less than a week, depending on how quickly you make your decisions on the revisions and the final design.

We may be called Wired Coyote Website Design Warrington, but our great services don’t stop there!


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